Physical Features The Serrhans are a winged humanoid race with magnificent monochromatic, feathered wings sprouting from their backs that are coloured based on their social/societal role. They also posess taloned feet. Skin pigmentation varies, but most are one of the following: pale-white; pinkish-white; blue-grey; varying shades of brown or yellow. Generally speaking, the darker the skin pigmentation of the Serrhan, the lighter the hue of their wings.

Capability of flight Despite their wings, not all Serrhans are capable of flight for various reasons.


Societal Traits
  • Serrhans are all culturally pre-disposed towards lawful alignments and place high importance upon loyalty, obeisance, respect, and honour.
  • Serrhans are a nocturnal people who follow a lunar calendar.
  • Their cities are never lit by artificial light except during new moons and eclipses

Faith Not all Serrhans are religious but those who do worship a deity often choose T’nara. T’nara is the goddess of the night, moon, clouds, precipitation, fog, winds, and mist.

Combat Style Preferences The hollow bone structure that allows them to fly also prohibits them from entering melee combat. As such, Serrhans prefer to engage in ranged combat via marksmanship and magic.

System(s) of Magic (T’nara’s Whispers) The origin of Serrhan magic lies is told in the story of the mythical figures of Shen’ar and her consort Gu’ann. Shen’ar and Gu’ann’s lives were blessed by T’nara and are two of Serrhan society’s greatest heroes. Many myths and legends have arisen since their ‘departures’(1) from Serrhan society nearly 1700 years ago, not all of them true. It is from their lives that the mage-caste derive all their power. After undergoing 7 years of study as a pupil of a master mage, applicants undergo one of two tests depending on gender. Males take part of the Gu’annic Mysteries; for females it is the Shen’aric Mysteries. Those that fail the test, are banished to the land beyond the Ir’run wall (Ir’run’s Dream). Those that pass the test begin to receive nightly dreams about the lives of either Shen’ar or Gu’ann which reveal the spells of the Serrhanic tradition.

(1) It is said that T’nara gifted them with immortality and at the end of their 700 years on D’ar they ascended into the heavens to remain in T’nara’s embrace until the coming of the Pu’arr (a prophesied Serrhan apocalyse).


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