The world is of medium size and consists of several landmasses. The largest of these is the continent of Illoria. Surrounding Illoria are several smaller continents and islands.

Within the world there are several civilizations each with their own race, politics, and systems of magic. For the most part, countries tend to be fairly small and possess only one capital city and a handful oustposts and towns.

Technology is fairly minimal and primitive. There are no guns and hard metals are rare enough that civilizations tend to save them for use in forging melee weapons and (occasionally) hand tools, but not armour nor arrowheads. Furthermore, although localized peace-keeping military divisions exist, none of the races are abundant enough to justify the development of national armies (nor are they willing to risk the fallout of losing a war).

Among more prosperous nations, soft metals and precious stones are fairly common and result in a booming jewellery trade.

Travel is unrestricted both within and between countries, but does not occur often due to the dangers of the untamed wilds; most people find it’s not worth the risk. Ancient roads built by a long dead civilization do exist, but have fallen into disrepair. Many parts have been washed out or buried and most seem to lead nowhere. International trade does exist, but only on a small scale, in the form of traveling merchants. Emmigration is rare. International communication and cooperation is minimal but not unheard of.

The commonly known civilizations of D’ar are as follows: The winged Serrhans in the north. The nomadic Dorai The wandering Shamblers The monastic Glorionites The scholarly Coradrians

The World of D'ar